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Photo of Seth Godin

I use Discourse every single day. It's a wonder!

Seth Godin
Entrepreneur, Author & Teacher
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    No lock-in, no hidden fees, no data sent to advertisers.
  • Unlimited conversation history

    Always have full access to your community's conversation history—no questions asked.
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Discourse is the most amazing thing we have ever used. We have never experienced software so reliable. Ever.

Jonathan Bulava
Developer Advocacy at Twitch

World-class hosted customer support

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no problem goes unconquered.

I wanna shout out the team at @discourse. Often we see Twitter used as a resource to commiserate on bad experiences with services but it's wonderful to amplify the extraordinary. Every time I've needed help, the team at Discourse has been super responsive and helpful. Y'all rock.
Hayley Rosenblum
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